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Blue Inverted UmBrella

No Struggling getting into your car...

Keeps the Wet on the Inside!

The Inverted Umbrella tackles two problems associated with the traditional umbrellas. The first is water dripping out of the umbrella once it’s closed. With the inside out design, the water stays inside the canopy once closed. The canopy is made of fabric with hydrophobic coating allowing water to roll off instead of being absorbed. Rather than being splashed by water when you close it, you will find that closing and storing your umbrella becomes very convenient with the Inverted UmBrella. The second problem is entering and exiting a car without exposing yourself to the rain. With the reverse folding mechanism, you need not get wet just to open your umbrella. The C-Shaped handle allows you to slide your arm in it and hold things like your phone, shopping bags and more.  Stay dry when you get in and out of the car from now on!

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