Z-Lynk 2-Pin Wireless System

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NEW! - Z-Lynk 2-Pin Wireless System by Garrett

Transmitter and receiver with 2-pin AT connector

SKU: 162110

Z-Lynk Wireless System Kit includes:

  • WT-1 Wireless Transmitter
  • WR-1 Wireless Receiver
  • 2 USB Charging Cables
  • 2-Pin AT Connector
  • Mounting Band
  • Carrying Case

Key Features:

  • Freedom - all the benefits of using headphones, without being tied to your metal detector
  • Lightning fast speed - Near zero delay (17-milliseconds) from your detector to your headphones.  Six times faster than Bluetooth speed, and up to four times faster than other wireless headphone kits.
  • Versatility - Nearly universal; designed to work with most detector brands and most wired headphones.
  • Frequency-Hopping Technology - Creates an infinite number of channels to prevent interference with nearby headphones and wireless devices
  • Extended Hunting Time - Get up to 30 hours of operation per charge.  Recharge the Z-Lynk modules with any micro-USB charging port - on you laptop, in your car, or with a USB power block such as a smartphone charger.
  • Can be used on both VLF (single frequency) and pulse (multi-frequency) detectors.

Additional Info:

  • Recharge the Z-Lynk transmitter and receiver modules with the supplied cables by attaching them to a laptop, your vehicles USB port, or a phone charger's USB power block.
  • Each module has an Auto-Off function that will switch off power after 30 minutes of inactivity.

For use with AT Gold, AT Pro, Sea Hunter Mark II and ATX Metal Detectors

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